About the Kollel

Kollel Yad Chaim Mordechai in University Heights/Beachwood, Ohio, has transformed the mindset of a community to where upgrading one’s level of spirituality and Torah study is a priority. Hundreds of families who desire to bring up their children in such an atmosphere have been attracted to the community and specifically to the Kollel.

In 1985, the Kollel was established as a Torah study program for day school teachers. It expanded in 1995 into a full time Kollel with seven avreichim. Currently the Kollel  numbers fifteen full time members, with a second seder total of thirty eight.

As a full time Kollel, servicing the community’s Torah needs is a given. Currently, over three hundred men and teens come at least once a week for early morning/evening Torah study, with one hundred fifty studying multiple times. During the summer, the Kollel is the Torah home for two hundred elementary, high school and college-age boys for davening and Torah study.  The Kollel’s Torah dissemination efforts also extend beyond the Bais Medrash. Winter Friday night study groups are heavily attended in homes throughout the neighborhood. Women’s Torah groups are well attended, as well. The Kollel hosts a renowned Torah personality at a bi-annual Shabbaton, attended by well over one thousand  men, women and children over the weekend. Every shul in the community is extremely well represented at the programs and activities of the Kollel.

Of the Kollel’s thirty nine alumni, nineteen have assumed positions in the Torah world, with twenty two choosing the University Heights – Beachwood area to raise their families. The Kollel’s alumni supervise many of the area’s children’s programs.

With the Kollel having evolved into the Torah hub of the community, it is clear that its impact has been tremendous. Without Hashem’s guidance and assistance all of this would never have occurred, as we look forward to His continued siyata d’Shmaya. The partnership of our esteemed baalei batim is most appreciated. To donate, please click here.

As we face the negative influences of our society, the only real hope for our future is through Torah study. The strength and existence of our nation has always been intrinsically bound to the Torah. Now, more than ever before, when many Jews are seeking meaning and direction, there is an urgent need to bring Bnai Torah into communities who can communicate the depth and excitement of Torah, which will Motivate individuals, thereby Inspire their families and eventually Elevate the entire community.